My Daughter Take 2

When I reread what I had written

Dear daughter, I wish, my tongue I had bitten.

For no mother should ever say such things,

This world may be bad but I am a fixer of such things.

So go out, my dear, reach for the stars

I’ll see that on your freedom there are no bars.

And if in the process you scrape your knees

I’ll be there to kiss it better, you see.

Go out and stay as late as you want

You have same rights that to your brother I grant.

Wear what you wish, I won’t object

For even covered head to toe, to lecherous stares you are subject.

I know how harrowing it can be

When they treat you like an object to touch and feel,

But always remember my words wrought in steel.

They can touch your body and inflict pain untold

They can never wreak your spirit or defile your soul.

This body is of no consequence, keep your spirit intact

You are a born winner and that is a fact.
Discover, explore, invent and innovate

Just one life and so much to taste
Failure or success, whatever you meet

Your goal is to march to your own beat.

Go my precious one, have a heartbreak or two

For what breaks us, makes us stronger too.

And when it becomes too much to bear

To embrace you in a hug, I am always there.

Never we as parents will an impediment be

Go tilt at as many windmills that you can see.
Falling, getting up, dusting your clothes

And starting all over again

Go save the world and I’ll never say never again.
We all have but one life, make the most of it

This world is bad no doubt, go seek the best in it.
Keep your soul intact, always full of love and compassion

Never bite your tongue, your feelings must always find expression.

There are good people, sweetheart, all around you

Seek their company and they will let you be you.

And when you touch the pinnacle of your life

Your mom will be cheering, raising a toast to your life.


53 thoughts on “My Daughter Take 2

  1. Very nice Punam. Loved it. Particularly: “Go save the world and I’ll never say never again. We all have but one life, make the most of it, This world is bad no doubt, go seek the best in it. Keep your soul intact, always full of love and compassion”


    1. Sorry Sujit missed your comment.
      Daughters may seem fragile but are actually so strong.
      Thank you so much.


  2. Punam …..both the posts on daughter are so real and seem like something wrenched from within us.
    I love the second one more 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tulika. My group has been extremely supportive but it feels nice that my poems are being appreciated by others too.


    1. Thank you Deepa. I had written the previous one and on reading it found it to be too negative, so wrote this one. As you rightly pointed, both from the heart. ❤️


  3. It is sad that the world is like this. But it DOES make us gain in strength. I wish your beautiful and much loved dayghter well. And you too, Punam x

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  4. The shift from the first one to the second one shows your desire to want to protect and with the nos, but at the same time, you want to her to have all the opportunities, adventures, and freedom to be who she is and do whatever makes her happy. No parent has all the right answers and ever only doing what they think and feel is right as they learn and grow alongside their children. 🙂

    Never be too hard on yourself and always do the best you can, nobody’s perfect. My mom is now one of my best friends. We’ve always been close (even though we’ve had hiccups along the way in our relationship as growing pains were bound to happen). As a daughter I know my mom did her best, was every choice she made perfect or right, of course not, but I know she always meant well and did the best with what she had and it was a learning curve for her with each and every one of us kids. ❤️❤️ 🙂


    1. This is what I am actually, Jenna. 🙂
      After I wrote that ( even thought it is a sad reality), I couldn’t identify with it. As a result wrote this.
      Thank you so much for sharing about your mom. I am very close to my mom and hope to have the same kind of relation with my daughter. 😊

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      1. I’m sure as she finds herself you’ll grow close. The teens and even early twenties are the time we naturally pull away to give us time to grow and find who we are as individuals. My niece is going through this with her parents. I remember her being the sweet little girl then it seemed like over night she became closed off, moody, doesn’t like anyone or anything.

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  5. A beautiful balance to the first piece. I think it is important to prepare them for all aspects of moving forward in this world, good and bad. Bravo, my friend!

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  6. Ahhh this is so gorgeous… I see the progression in your thoughts from your last poem about your daughter to this one…. admiring her strength, her fortitude, like her Mum’s no doubt ❤️❤️

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