The Old Connect

When we left school

We never turned back

Eager for what future had in store.

Some scaled great heights

Some just scraped by

But all continued

With barely a backward glance.


We had milestones to reach

And miles to walk

So we all marched on in a hurry

With some we still had contacts

With others a passing hi

But at that time it did not matter.

What mattered was  the life ahead.


Now a pattern established

Kids ready to fly the coop

We clutched at the straws offered

To go back and visit

The memories we had,

And remove cobwebs,

To renew old tied anew.


How happy we were to discover old mates,

Never mind that in school

Never a word was exchanged.

It was enough that we were once in the same school.


We gush and exclaim

We laugh and praise

Happy to be connected

Forgetting that with whom we engage

Did not exist for us then.

That we hardly exchanged a hello

Or that there was a sector divide

Or that he was brilliant and she a failure

What matters is now and how!


But have you ever thought, its easy to connect

When you  edge in a word or sentence sideways

When everyone speaks a multitude of tongues

It is so easy to be a part of the game.


But what if when we finally meet

And have nothing to say beyond a hi, hello?

What if old prejudices

Raise their head

And show us as hollow?

What if when we meet

This connect that we feel

Is missing from the word go?

What if I call and no one comes

Will I be able to bear that sorrow?


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