Breaking Free

Too long had I wallowed in nothingness

Too lazy to change the course of things

Promising self every day…

One day I will, I will one day.


Unsurprisingly that one day never ever dawned

Tantalized from afar

Beckoning me with a wicked smile

For it knew I had not the courage to face it.

Nor the stomach to take the consequences

I preferred  to shroud myself

Living a life half-lived

Wandering aimlessly.


Till one day

My hand out of its own volition picked up the pen

And my words came out like a gushing stream

Unstoppable,unquenchable, unrepentant

Irrevocable, iridescent, irreverent

Charting their own course

With nary a thought for me

And I sat back askance

As I watched them take a life of their own.


4 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. If an unexamined life is not worth living, then is a unlived life worth examining? So live and examine.!!


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