The First Step

Taking the first step

Is like a leap of faith

Like plunging in a cold river

Or tentatively entering a dark space

Frightening, exhilarating, heart thumping and daunting

All at the same time.

‘What if’ plagues you

You wonder if it is the right thing to do

The hesitation, the trepidation and the doubts

Surround you like a dark blanket.

And then you surrender yourself

To this overriding need

To be heard, to matter.

And you press the first key

To launch yourself

Into limelight, to censure and praise,

To ridicule and appraisal,

But it matters not now.

You are finally free of the shackles

You had bound yourself with.


16 thoughts on “The First Step

  1. Well done Punam. The first is always the most difficult. You have done that and I am glad you did. May you keep writing and allow your creativity to flow. All the very beat, always.


  2. I look at your first steps now….
    free of the shackles you had bound yourself with…
    The words flew flawlessly in its first taste.of freedom…the expressions were soft yet sailed without any apprehensiveness…the beauty of poetry resided mostly in exploration of a free sky….the pleasure of flight was innocent… unweighted by complexities…
    Your steps, perhaps, took the right lane to tread on….and, future will definitely recount them more often, I am sure, when horizon will be much closer…
    Best honour to those first steps for igniting a walk to go on…

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    1. Ah! This was the first poem I posted almost four and a half years ago. Yes, I was tentative and new to blogging. Over the years my voice has matured and I have received love and encouragement from wonderful bloggers and this journey has been so enriching.
      Thank you kindly for your appreciation.

      Liked by 1 person

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